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The BM'er handbook.

This document is loosely based on a previous guide I posted on Eve-I, but is a significant revamp, due to the many changes introduced since Exodus release.
Will change as needed.


Bookmarks in Eve are a handy way to store the spatial coordinates of locations of interest, for future easy access and retrieval.
Technically, a bookmark is not a spatial record, it's a symbolic link to a record of an anchored object, or a set of spatial coordinates, or both.
For most practical purposes, a BM behaves like an actual record, so we'll blissfully pretend a BM is a record unless specified otherwise in the following article.
But now you know why it's called that, and not, say, a milestone.

Using bookmarks:

The most common use for bookmarks is insta-jumping.
Insta-jumping is a common practice designed to overcome the limitation of warp drives on ships that will not allow you to exit warp closer than 15 km from your destination.
If you have a bookmark set exactly 15 km beyond your Destination on the same vector you align to warp to destination, you instead can warp to this bookmark at the closest possible exit range, and find yourself exactly on top of your Destination.
Were your Destination happen to be a jump gate, you are now able to jump through the gate as soon as you exit warp travel, instead of traveling 12.5 km on conventional engines to reach the gate.
BMs allowing insta-jumping (and generally pinpoint warp travel) are known as insta-BMs or instas.

Using instas for travel is a relative no-brainer once your library of BMs is properly set up: figure where you want to go next, find the relevant BM, use "Warp to 15" or "Warp to 20" and yalla habibi* - so to speak.

Combined with autopilot, instas make for the fastest travel available in Eve universe: set your destination, trigger warp to the first gate, engage autopilot mid-warp and you'll jump thru the gate with near-optimal timing. Disengage the autopilot when the "Jumping" message appears, and you'll be ready for the next warp at the very second your ship reaches next system in route.

Beyond fast travel on long trips, instas allow for easy shuttling between fields and station when mining, reduce the chances of ganking when traveling across low-sec systems or during wars, and can even be used to jump right on one's enemy's back, seemingly out of nowhere.
[more or on the good use of instas in "Calling names, hygiene, and other grooming matters."]

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* "chamone, mon" in arabic.[return]

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